Keeping mission minded

Today is the beginning of our CLOTHES CHALLENGE

To keep us focused throughout the month I want to highlight some missions that I think are worth the time reading about and/or supporting

Forgotten Children Worldwide

This is a local ministry where we take all of our clothes when we are done with them, or when I’ve decided to purge a percentage of our closets (cut to the last 4 months of our life…)

But not only do they fund an amazing clothing distribution center, you can sponsor a child through them as well

Their annual fundraiser is coming up in just 10 days – so stop by their website soon and see how you can help!

Garage Sale for Orphans

You’ve heard plenty about this from when we hosted it in November

The whole idea behind it came from how God radically began changing my heart through reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker (the reason behind the clothes challenge this month)

Thinking of having a garage sale this year?

Consider this option instead and send your $ to a group who can distribute it around the world to fund projects bringing shelter, water, and education to all of God’s children (not just our own!)


Have a ministry you want me to highlight on the blog?! Let me know about it!


One response to “Keeping mission minded

  1. Rachel, love your last 2 posts. Keep us up on the clothing challenge!

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