The Clothing Challenge

Get ready.

A small group of ladies from Late Night Girls Bible Study (interested?! Let me know and you can join us!) decided, after reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker, that we would challenge ourselves with limiting our wardrobe for one month.

To 10 items.

Yep…not counting undergarments, I will be seen in every place, on any occassion, wearing any of these 10 allotted items.

Let me tell you, the choosing process has been anything but simple!  And why?! BECAUSE I HAVE WAY TOO MUCH STUFF TO CHOOSE FROM!

In America, we are overwhelmed with choices and an unsatiated appetite of consumerism

This has lead to many issues in my own life: Dissatisfaction with what I already have, vanity in what I have to choose from, self-worth issues when I compare myself to others, unwise use of my money to acquire more, unrest in my heart, envying others, coveting others, and downright sin when I constantly put my wants in front of the world’s needs.

So…to remedy this, we are challenging ourselves to live with less (in only one way…so not that honorable or glamorous, really…) in order to change our hearts, to meditate on those who have less (which is most of the world!), and to hopefully inspire others to change, challenge themselves, or begin thinking differently about what (we think) we own.

On with the challenge…

The rules:

Choose 10 pieces of clothing (tops, bottoms, shoes, coats, accessories), that are not undergarments.  Wear only these for the month of February.

Pretty simple, eh?

The fine print lets you know that these are worn out and in, as in no extra evening comfy clothes or pajamas…EVERYTHING COUNTS!  Accessories count (ouch” says the girl who wears earrings even on days when she doesn’t leave the house).  An exception we made for a couple gals in our group was that they could have a separate 10 items to use for working out – but limiting those for the month as well (come on, we already run the risk of being a little smelly unless we manage to wash clothes every other day…we don’t want everyone to reak and repulse the neighbors!)

So how do we choose?!

Here’s what I’ve chosen:

clothes 003

And yes, that’s only 9. And yes I lack any color, which may be sad and boring.  I need to choose another t-shirt, but honestly, I’m still debating choosing some sweet glittery studs for my ears instead…

We’ll see.

So – it starts this Friday, February 1st

Who wants to join us?!?!

And who wants to pray for us!!!!!!

We’ll take anybody – we’re not picky 🙂

I would love to share some inspiring blogs and ministry websites to help us stay focused througout the month – if you have any recommendations, send them my way!

For some additional reading on simplifying, here’s a blog that Rachel Maggard (fellow clothes challenge friend) found that is inspiring!


2 responses to “The Clothing Challenge

  1. did you post a picture? because it isn’t showing up for me…but I may be the only one. And I’m still deciding what clothes to wear. procrastinate much?
    I’m excited/terrified to do this.

  2. GIRL, where is some COLOR? I think the 10th should be a colorful scarf! Plus, I love having a warm neck in the winter.

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