The Sweetist Thing

I thought 1 year olds were the BEST

Then my 1 year old became a 2 year old and SERIOUSLY how could anyone NOT want a 2 year old around?!

She is so hilarious!!!

Just today she sat ‘reading’ books out loud to herself (quietly) right outside Sully’s room while I nursed him to bed, in peace (Thank you, Lord!)

THEN she came in, asked me where the mouse was, moved the ottomon, picked up said ‘mouse’ (he’s pretend, don’t fret) and put him in my hand then told me to put him on my shoulder


To round out the already wonderful evening, she had me sing only the ‘Shine my light for Jesus’ verse of ‘This little light of mine’ while she tried to sing ‘BINGO’

First of all, who thinks up that game?

And second of all, her singing ended up sounding like ‘There was a farmer had a Jesus, B-I-N-G-O, B-I-light for Jesus’ 🙂

Or something like that


SIGH……Mental pictures, please remember this night forever

2 responses to “The Sweetist Thing

  1. oh my, that is just adorable! I agree, Rachel, 2-yr-olds are just adorable. Otto’s in this stage too where we just want to squeeze him constantly – he cracks us up!

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