Simple pleasures: sick babies


January 12 016

Do you see that picture?! Of course this post is going to be awesome – even if it is titled ‘sick babies’


This little sweetheart:

January 12 015

had some problems with his pooper 😦 Many calls to the doctor, fruits, and fruit juice bottles later, we ended up buying a liquid suppository and helping brother out.  And man did it help get it OUT. YIKES. As a parent, you don’t come back from something like that…I’ll spare you the measurement details and just reassure you that there was NO WAY that poor poo was going to get itself out of his hiney without some assistance


And this sweet, silly face:

January 12 012

was sad and distraught and didn’t know why she kept ‘hitting her belly’ on things all evening…but that was because she wasn’t, but her belly hurt and she didn’t know why!  I pat myself on the back only because we saw the signs and were just stepping in to the bathroom to camp out for the evening when what was produced out of her mouth covered almost everything in my bathroom – leading me to another parenting milestone that you just don’t come back from 🙂


Kids: I love ya.  God grants us so much perspective in so many different ways – I wouldn’t trade the poop or the puke for any less time with you.  I’m so thankful God gave you to us to nurture, love, and teach for a short time before we give you back to Him


3 responses to “Simple pleasures: sick babies

  1. Cute post, great perspective, adorable kids! 🙂

  2. Aww, I love this post. I hope they both feel better! Sounds like a tough few days, but you definitely have the right attitude 🙂 Love ya!

  3. From the pictures (adorable!!!) I thought this post would be cute and sweet… OH MY GOSH. I’m glad you have a funny outlook on it! But when you have so much puke and poop, maybe all you can do is laugh? Hope you’re all feeling better soon!

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