My world has been turned upside down by a book

I have mentioned this book before:

7 by Jen Hatmaker

And today I am going to devote an entire blog to it. (the first of many?! we’ll see…) (Oh, and here’s her blog – enjoy!)

First off – read it. (I’m such a pusher)

It’s diary-style and so stinkin hilarious I would disturb my sleeping or otherwise occupied husband and children by laughing out loud.  Not to mention 1 paragraph later I’d be blowing my drippy nose from crying so much at the global devastation we are so blind to that Jen can so beautifully slap us in the face with.

All of that to say – you cannot read this book and remain the same

It calls to us.  To radically change our lives to live more simply, more radically, and most of all, more in line with how Christ has called us to live and to care for our world

She takes 7 things: media, clothes, food, possessions, waste, stress, shopping and does an ‘experiment’ by fasting in different ways from all of these – or with all of these…depending on how you look at it

Last week in a ladies bible study I’m involved in, we began discussing this book – and what a discussion took place!

By the end of the night, we were all challenging each other to fast from or give up something for the next 2 weeks (until we met again)

Some fasted from eating out, some from spending money, some will purge and rid their houses from excess waste and possessions, and others will cut back (or out) media influence.

We all know where we can simplify – but most of us don’t want to be uncomfortable!  We want to have the purchase we’re saving for, or the retirement we’re allocating so much money in, or the cute new sweatshirt that would flatter our wardrobe… We don’t want to restrict our budgets.  We don’t want to say no to ourselves.  But if we only could………

We could give more and help more and see poverty and sex trafficking and homelessness and orphans and the hungry and the naked and the destitute and the hurting find healing and JESUS

By showing a little self-control and discipline we could be Jesus to the world

We already have enough – instead of continuing to live at or above our means, why not live below our means so we can show the world that we do care – even though we may not be as educated about or aware of their devastation…we DO care about them.  We want them to live and thrive and know Jesus and experience eternity in heaven

What can we do to help?

Will wearing only 7 pieces of clothing for an entire month help?  It may make me uncomfortable…and it may bring awareness!  Will it be difficult – I think so.  Is it necessary to not only help others but to radically change my selfish, sinful heart?! YES!

What will you do?

Fast from clothes? Or spending? Or media? Or sell one of your several cars?  Give away furniture? Go through all your kids clothes and give to Forgotten Children Worldwide?

Let me know what God is stirring in your heart – and let’s challenge each other, keep each other accountable and be obedient to be Jesus to the least of these!


3 responses to “My world has been turned upside down by a book

  1. Jeff and I have had some really great conversations. What I love is that I *thought* I was saving up to buy outside furniture last year but just could not find anything that I loved. About halfway through the summer the Lord called us to give all that fund to help build a home for a single mother and son in TN. So now when I think about saving for a fun project or purchase my desire is to hold on to that loosely so that if and when the Lord calls, I can freely give it up with joy.

  2. Right after reading 7, I read a blog post of a blogger who went to Tanzania and met her Compassion International child. She saw his mud hut where he lived and there was a scripture verse Psalm 23:1—he had written on his tiny house “The Lord is my Shepherd, I have everything I need.” She was all prepared to feel sorry for him and instead realized her own shortcomings.
    If we have Jesus, we do not need to spend more, want what others have and buy buy buy.
    I am trying every day to overcome this and realize that He is all I need.
    Thanks for the blog post Rachel!

  3. This month I have really concentrated on fixing food we already have instead of buying more/new (so easy!). Also to fix simpler meals. If a recipe calls for something rare or too many ingredients – it’s a no go (unless it’s a special occasion). Hopefully this will help me to spend less on groceries (my pit fall!!).

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