Christmas picture dump: Merkle celebration

Don’t you just love pictures where everyone tries to get short-in-stature-and-attention-span people to cooperate, pose, and basically perform all at the same time?!

Christmas '12 053

Christmas '12 054

Christmas '12 055

Christmas '12 056

They are pretty cute, aren’t they?!

Christmas '12 058

homemade apron by Grandma Karen!

Christmas '12 060

Christmas '12 061

Christmas '12 062

Annual fireplace Christmas picture

Christmas '12 063

Christmas '12 066

Showing off more of my mom’s talents – homemade stockings!

We’re the gingerbread family – my other brothers have their own families: snowman, reindeer, and penguins

Christmas '12 067

Christmas '12 068

Christmas '12 069

For only a few short hours after our celebration at my parents we were able to meet up with the ‘Bama family at a hotel on their way back home from Illinois – here’s all 10 kids (plus Joel’s arms) posing after a fun day in the pool!

Christmas '12 070

What did we spend all our time doing before we all had kids?!?!

What are some picture traditions in your family?!

2 responses to “Christmas picture dump: Merkle celebration

  1. I love Mylin’s little apron!

  2. Enjoyed seeing your pictures of Christmas. We only had five to get in front of the tree and that was hard enough! Never were all five smiling while looking at the camera, BUT there are sure some funny ones! God loves them and so do we!!!! Enjoy the year/s ahead with your precious little gifts. They sure won’t stay little long!

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