Christmas picture dump: Michigan Crampton family

Christmas '12 016

Christmas '12 017

Joel took it upon himself to get a picture of Sully with as many family members as possible 🙂

Christmas '12 018(doesn’t Austin look exactly like MaCauley Caulkin?!)

Christmas '12 019

Christmas '12 020

Christmas '12 041

Christmas '12 048

Christmas '12 021

Christmas '12 022

Christmas '12 025

Christmas '12 026

Christmas '12 028

Christmas '12 029

One of my favorite traditions: Homemade gift exchange!

Christmas '12 030

Brennan made Joel pinecone birdfeeders!

Christmas '12 031

Joel and I made Amy and Jim detergent, hot chocolate mix, caramels, and pretzel bark

Christmas '12 036

(Chad made Rosie a mowhawk…)

Christmas '12 037

Ok seriously. I LOVE these two! They are cousins but more like siblings and couldn’t be any more adorable. I pray that our kids love each other AND their cousins this much!

Christmas '12 039

Lauren crocheted a blanket for me/Sully

Christmas '12 040

And Mylin used it for her ‘tummy time’ 🙂


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