I just love a new year

All the hope, expectation, yearning, desire, optimism – it’s infectious!

We are just the same: looking forward to a year with great expectation, planning, and goals

In the past (2011 post and 2012 post) we’ve desired simplicity, accomplishment, and growth in many areas

This year is no different!

Yet as I read through goals of the last 2 years I am in awe of how empty they were and how much more rich and full God has made us since then

We do not merely desire completing degrees or weight loss goals (though both of those are admirable and good!) but long for habits and self-discipline that reach deeper – are more eternal…

Don’t get me wrong, I’d LOVE to lose 10 lbs and be the same weight I was when we got married and before I birthed 2 babies 🙂

I want to read even more books than I did this year

I’d love to start playing the piano again…and I’d like to own a sewing machine 🙂

BUT…all of that aside…I have GOT to get my own self-discipline under control

I have to spend time in the Word daily.

Joel and I need to be praying together (w/o the kids) more often

I want to make sure we are making time to get to know and serve Virginia, our 93 year old widowed neighbor

I want to spend less time on facebook and less time texting and more time being fully present with my kids and showing Jesus to them

I want to surround myself with like-minded friends (which we already have) and make time and space for them, not filling it with have-to’s like product parties or family time that seems like an obligation and isn’t a time of learning, teaching, fun, and enrichment

Sometimes it seems easier to make a list of things we will be saying ‘no’ to instead of things we want to change…(Read this blog by The Better Mom on simplifying your goals)

I think the key is leaving space for us to say ‘yes’ to what is most important…serving our children right where they are, serving our neighbor right next door, late night phone calls of friends in crisis, last-minute dinners with friends and their families, bible studies, Sunday morning church, date nights!

In order to make these a priority we must continue to simplify all other areas that cry for our attention

There may be a season for that later, but for now, these things are what is important

Happy 2013 🙂

“Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all things; for this is your will in Christ Jesus”

-2 Thessalonians 5:16-18

What are your GOALS for the new year?!


3 responses to “Goals.

  1. I just love the point in the blog u linked to that talks of knowing your own threshold. I use to feel guilty if I said no to certain things it seemed I should say yes to or vice versa until I realized that I know my limits. I know when I stress out, I know what gives me energy and I know what the Lord is saying to me personally. It has also helped me stopped judging others. God uses the entire body for various reasons with unique talents and I live He doesn’t use us all the same! This whole concept gives me so much freedom! I’m excited for what God is doing in you and Joel and to watch your journey! Your desire and passion to follow where the Lord leads is contagious!

  2. These are such great goals…thank you for posting this!

  3. wonderful goals! I especially liked the FB (well in my case, blogging) and texting goal. I can’t believe how much time both of these take up. You think you’re going to send a quick text and before you know it, your kids are screaming and you realize you’ve been texting forever! Ahh! So, thanks for the reminder!

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