2012 was a year of growth and change for the Draper’s (does that just go without saying – for all of us?!)

Some of my favorite things about this year…

Concerts and comedians

Elliot Jay Merkle’s birth (making us Aunt and Uncle for the 9th time!)

Celebrating 4 years of marriage

Many zoo trips (w/Aunts, as a family, and w/grandparents!)

Sullivan Joel’s birth!

Mylin Hadassah turning two

Joel and I getting baptized!

Becoming marriage mentors for engaged couples at our church

Joel completing a 2 year discipleship class at church

Traveling to Alabama to visit family

Lots of reading and new recipes and pinterest projects!

Befriending Virginia, our 93 year old neighbor (look forward to a post about her soon!)

Spending every day of December concentrating on Jesus and His Nativity

We are beyond blessed with more than we will ever deserve

I do not know what God has provided so much for us, but I hope we can use it to strengthen our marriage, raise our children well in His image, and serve orphans and widows in our community and world!

What was your favorite part of 2012?


What do you think?

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