Hustle and Bustle

Do you feel crazy like me?!

I look ahead on our calendar with hope and excitement – it is going to slow down in a few weeks!

We’ll finally have time to…well I don’t know what, but we’ll have the option for it!

And then those few weeks approach and suddenly BAM! I realize it’s my homeschool group one night, Joel’s weekly bible study the next, my mom’s group and my bi-weekly bible study, then our date trade, and 5 different activities we COULD choose from just on Saturday….

Not to mention I have 3 events (with another potential one that fell through!) to bake cookies for THIS WEEK (I actually like that they’re all lumped together…I’m just making the same kind for each event!)


Here’s where the advice: SAY NO TO GOOD THINGS SO YOU CAN SAY YES TO GREAT THINGS comes in, right?!

How do I balance this?

How do I keep my faith and family my priority – b/c I am so confused about my other commitments and where they lie!

I go to homeschool group to learn and prepare myself for when we will begin that endeavor in our home (though it has already begun, right?! Kids are always learning!)

Joel and I both see the value in studying in small groups to learn and glean from one another – we don’t want to give up that guy/gal time

My mom’s group is invaluable about teaching and challenging me as a daughter of God, wife, mother, and friend AND I’m on the leadership team!

Plus we HAVE to have date nights…and to do it more affordably – we trade so that we don’t have to pay for childcare!

Not to mention the dozens of other activities we could and do have planned each month…

In order to fit in all those great things…we say no to a lot…to serving on steering committees, to extra ‘parties’ that pop up all year long, to midweek services at church, to extra weekend services at church, to joining a gym (or most exercise opportunities at all…) and even we sometimes say no to SLEEP just so we can stay up and have a date night at home!


In addition, I find it such a struggle to be fully present while at home

I’m an efficient person…so if I can do a load of laundry, have lunch on the stove, text, and talk with Mylin while she sits on the dryer, you better believe I’ll be doing it!

If I could figure out how to nurse Sully at the same time, I would………….


How do I slow down





Seriously friends, help me, please!

We are too busy and need to slow down and back away…but how?

What do we choose?

How do you prioritize, plan, and keep boundaries around your time?


I wish I could lure you to comment with a prize or giveaway…but when would I have time to organize that?

On second thought, I do have some extra cookies from the 10 dozen I’m going to be baking………………………………………



3 responses to “Hustle and Bustle

  1. sometimes Christ calls us to sacrifice the things we love to do so we can slow down. He’ll guide you to what that is in your life. just ask Him! Picking up His cross daily actually means dying to yourself. its not always easy, but its worth it in the end.
    Sometimes things that seem good …are just distractions.

  2. This is a great post, Rachel, you described our lives perfectly!

    Klint and I have done “plan NOTHING” weeks and LOVE THEM. Several weeks (or months) in advance, we find a week that is semi-clear and literally write, “Plan nothing, plan nothing, plan nothing” on each of the days. When that week rolls around and we get asked to attend something, we say, “Sorry we have plans” or “that’s our Plan NOTHING week”. It is SO refreshing! Yes, sometimes we do something on those days (like out to eat or visit a family member), but we do it as a family and stick to stuff that doesn’t stress. Plan Nothing weeks are amazing!!! It’s been a while since we’ve done one…hmmm…

  3. I think for me it’s not necessarily saying no to some and yes to others, but having the permission to say no to something when you need to… like if you’re set up for going to mom’s group but on the morning of you’re feeling fried and like you need a day home, you give yourself permission to back out and take it. Although this leads to bigger conversations like keeping your word and all that… so clearly I don’t know. But can I still have cookies?

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