Southern Thanksgiving: Pecan Pie

Our first morning in Daphne, Jill asked me if I wanted to pecan picking

Always up for an adventure – I said ‘yes’!

She took me to Hudson’s school where the playgroud was sprinkled with pecan trees – ending their fruitful season

We had fun watching the kids play and filling up bags with a few pounds of pecans

Once back home Jill cracked and shelled them

And made a pecan pie for Thanksgiving – Joel’s favorite – which Jill remembered and planned for especially for him – what a sweet sister in law!

He devoured it of course 🙂  And Mylin loved it too!

But I didn’t capture a picture of her with the pie – but I did with the caramel filled apple spiced cidar cookies 🙂

Yay for family picking, preparing, and baking fun together!

What’s your favorite dish to bake together as a family?!

What do you think?

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