Southern Thanksgiving: Birthday Parties, Face Painting and Crafts

From December through February all our ‘Bama nieces and nephews celebrate birthdays, this year turning:





Since we won’t be able to celebrate with them on their fun days, we brought our presents down with us and had a big celebration bash!

Most of the gifts are Melissa and Doug – a new found favorite of ours

Jill homeschools Maddie and has begun teaching a business class for their co-op

Maddie has chosen to start a face-painting business and we obliged to be some of her practice faces πŸ™‚

She is an excellent artist!

I always love to bake with our nieces and nephews when I get a chance – and I brought some fun recipes to do with them this time

Cosi and I made Rolo Stuffed Cookies

Maddie and I made Pumpkin French Toast

Hudson and I made Caramel Stuffed Apple Cidar Cookies

We were too busy baking and munching to take pictures πŸ™‚

BUT we did get pictures of a fun sticker project we did with them (all materials found in the Target $1 aisle!)

Ok, seriously, guys.

I have the BEST husband ever

And not only is he the best husband ever…but before that and still to this day he is the BEST UNCLE ever!!!!!

(Sorry brothers…you do have a lot to live up to as uncles with this guy in the running…)


2 responses to “Southern Thanksgiving: Birthday Parties, Face Painting and Crafts

  1. I can’t believe how big they’ve gotten! And I love that Joel did the sticker project, too. πŸ™‚

  2. We LOVE Melissa & Doug! This looks like so much fun!! It looks like to me you are the best aunt ever!

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