Simple pleasures: family edition

Homemade wine from brother and sister-in-law

Belated birthday phone call from brother

“I love you” from a sibling

Hugs from moms

Sitting around a fire on cool autumn night with extended family

Devotions w/Joel

Lunchdate with mom (and Sully!)

Mylin’s lunchdate with Daddy ðŸ™‚  (I might just burst – I don’t know which one I love more!)

Grandparent’s reading to our kids

Singing together

Middle of the night cuddling (when I thought I’d rather be sleeping…)

Praying together and for each other

Sully’s giggle

Sully’s smile 🙂

Listening to Myling talk, sing, and tell stories in her room before she falls asleep

Living with my best friend and favorite person on earth!

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