Black & White

God is doing a transformation in me.
I have notoriously been a rule-follower, legalistic, naive, black & white thinker (and do-er)
It seems as if He is now taking away the lines on my page and I am blindly coloring all over the place!

I quit my job

I don’t know how or when I am going to get my hours to sit for my licensure exam (even if you ask me…I
still don’t know how! And why does everyone ask me?  How do you all even know what this is and that I have to work towards it?!)

I let dishes stack in the sink

I let Mylin pull out all the tupperware in the drawer and play with on the floor that I haven’t swept in a week.  And then just put them right back in the drawer

I have patience

I am becoming flexible in my once rigid schedule

I realize that even processes with stated rules will look different when people (who are all different) are involved

I will not get as much time to myself as I want to

I can cancel plans because I am too anxious, rushed, tired, exhausted, or over-scheduled

I can say no to commitments or opportunities

I will have to die to myself every day – and each day that will look differently – if I am going to whole-heartedly be obedient to Christ

I don’t know about you – but this is freeing to me!
I thought it would be painstaking (and some if it can be) but overall, I am thankful for how God is radically molding me
Lord, help me to be clay in your hands, and not my own


3 responses to “Black & White

  1. Great post, Rachel. Isn't it weird that the thing we may have "feared" the most can actually be freeing? God work s in crazy ways!Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love this. Love the way God changes us (even if I fight and hate it in the middle).

  3. So thankful you are finding freedom amidst this change…. and for allowing God to mold and transform you.

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