The kiddos, lately

This past week we’ve had a lot changing around our house!
Little Mister 3 month old decided he’d like to sleep 12 hours a night and go down to 4 feedings a day.
Ok 🙂
And then Little Miss silly goose has been gladly obliging to potty breaks every hour or so and often keeps her diaper dry throughout the majority of the day!
Is this for real?!?!
We still are getting up each night to either:
1. soothe the 2 year old scares (I hear a lot of parents say at 2 kids start waking up with nightmares/dreams/being scared)
2. soothe baby boy until morning
3. pump Sully some milk
4. lay awake and talk because we’re not used to getting the opportunity to sleep this much!
Now, don’t let me just gloat and not tell you the goory details either…
The first day I tried underwear with Mylin?
She pooped in them. At my in-laws. While Joel was busy.
For reals?!
Thankfully my mother-in-law rocks and she totally washed them for us 🙂
So then I stuck Mylin in a new pair and she went out side with her Aunt and totally peed in them like immediately
Ok Rachel, looks like you’re a little zealous with the underwear…
We loved having a long weekend this past week and kicked it off by hosting a ‘Notre Dame playing in Dublin, Ireland viewing brunch party’ (that was the official name) Saturday morning
We had 3 of our 4 parents, 4 other couples, a 6 year old, four 2 year olds, and two infants in our house for the shenanigans 🙂
Great food, fun fellowship, and dividing the chaos between all of us – I love hosting and creating community in our home!
Here’s a Draper Irish picture from that morning
(Oh yes, Mylin totally has a Hello Kitty Irish shirt!)


2 responses to “The kiddos, lately

  1. I just love the kiddo updates….and go you with the potty training! So is she wearing diapers at all now??

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