The nursery project

I am so thankful to be putting all my hours of pinterest obsession into good use!
So far I have done lots of recipe posts, a pinterest inspired decorating post for our living room, one for our bedroom, and a homemade learning activity for Mylin post (which happens to be her current favorite activity to do!)
Today my pinterest post is all about the new baby!
I have a nursery board on pinterest that has inspired some unique and simple decor in baby’s room:

I am in love with how it turned out!!!
We use to have a few pictures and LOTS of shelves hung in here when Mylin was an infant
Well…the shelves didn’t end up being all that safe and the pictures didn’t really end up going with the room…
So we decided to simplify and take everything off the walls, repaint the room and begin anew!
While we have all the same colors and stuff for this baby (mostly browns, creams, and greens with a little orange too…) we decided to try something new that could be versatile in the future
Isn’t the tree so fun?!
The colored dots are wall stickers that will easily come off
They also come with letters so we can put the baby’s name (once we’ve decided on one…) on the wall as well, like we did when Mylin was in there
We will probably hang 1 or 2 sentimental pictures of us and baby after Wee One’s arrival – and other than that we’ll keep it simply decorated!!!
What are your decorating suggestions?
What theme did you have when you had a nursery?!

3 responses to “The nursery project

  1. Love it! It's simple and classy and sweet. Perfect for a boy or girl!

  2. Did you paint that? I'm impressed!

  3. It turned out so well!! I love this idea and am excited to see what name will go there 🙂

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