New Merkle cousin!

On April 12th our family was blessed with Elliot Jay Merkle!
He was welcomed by my brother David and his wife Jayna, and big brothers Glenn and Luke
He makes grandchild #9 for my parents!
(Fun Fact: between my 3 Merkle sisters-in-law and myself, we have all had ‘twin’ cousins – all the cousins have been born in sets of 2 within 6 months or less of each other: Ethan and Maddie are both 7, Glenn and Hudson are 6, Cosi and Luke are 4, Andre is 2/Mylin almost 2, and Elliot and Wee One will be a few weeks apart in age!!! Thanks God for the fun that this brings!)
Little Miss was quite infatuated with baby Elliot

 She kept wanting to hold him

 And kiss him 🙂

 I hope she’s ready for a cute addition to her family – that won’t ever leave!!!!!!!!!

We spent most of the day enjoying watching some of the big boys put legos together
(Note in the background – Mylin had both Uncle Dave and Uncle Steve wrapped around her little finger – getting to get rides in the stroller all over the house and having them get her any toy she wanted – those poor dads of only boys…)

 And Joel was getting ready for the near future of getting to relax with a warm soul snuggled in his arms!

 Mylin learned how to rough house a little bit by following and being chased in fun big toys!

 And lastly – big brother Glenn with Elliot (Luke did not want his picture taken)

Thank you God for your goodness to us – we love these blessings!

What do you think?

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