Yummy donut fail.

This week’s pinterest recipe was ‘homemade’ donuts
I was stoked all week to make this recipe for when Joel came home after a week of traveling for work
Saturday morning came and I heated the oil in my pan and opened up two cans of mini biscuits
After realizing they brown in like 4 seconds I was rapidly putting them in and fishing them out of my oily pan
We coated them in butter and then cinnamon sugar (YUM)

And just as I tore one apart for Mylin, I realized THEY WEREN’T COOKED THROUGH!
Yuckyyyyyyyyyyy  😦

I was prettty upset and disappointed but figured I could just pop them in the oven to cook like originally made for…
(and forgot to take a picture…)

Finished product?!
I knew they sounded good and looked pretty good – but I was still surprised by how good they were!

This isn’t a picture of her eating them, but Mylin enjoyed breakfast today too πŸ™‚

So for next time?
I’ll keep the oil temp lower…and have the oven hot and ready just in case I didn’t get them warmed through!
This is definitely an easy recipe to make a ton of and take for a breakfast carry-in or something…

What would you use them for?


3 responses to “Yummy donut fail.

  1. Glad you were able to save them! I messed up brownies and pumpkin bread recently. Don't use olive oil in brownies and I still can't figure out why my pumpkin bread always falls in when I bake it (it was still yummy…the brownies NOT!)

  2. What a perfect Saturday morning breakfast. We used to make them at home. Dad would pull out the good old deep fryer!! πŸ™‚ There aren't many things better than homemade donuts!!!

  3. What a great idea ^^ People are so creative when it comes to food. I think you had a great idea for them – as a surprise, but any other ideas would be for a late night craving, brunch with friends, and I will gladly eat them next time I'm home ❀

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