What did 2011 bring us?

We had a few plans, hopes, and dreams for 2011

Joel found out Franklin Electric was moving to southern Fort Wayne
He was a great support to me as I finished my last semester of graduate school
He celebrated 5 years of working at FE
He teeters within a few pounds of his weight loss goal (and looks pretty smokin’ hot if you ask his wife!!!)
And did train for and run most of his first 1/2 marathon
I am SO PROUD of him!!!

I graduated from Huntington with my Master’s in Counseling!
I am working part-time for Life Matters Counseling in Bluffton
I participated in my first 1/2 marathon
And my ministry opportunities and direction changed – though I am still involved in our worship team

Mylin has gotten all of her teeth πŸ™‚
She turned 1!!!
She not only walks but runs everywhere!
And she talks up a storm pretty much all day long!
Our favorites right now are ‘where’d it go?’
and ‘I LOVE YOU’!!!
She has been saying it that for months and it is the sweetest sound to our ears πŸ™‚

So what did 2011 bring us that we weren’t expecting?!
Joel has become involved in 2 intense studies at our church, one a 2 year class of discipleship, and the other a 6-9 month intense study about the quest for authentic manhood
This has catapulted him onto a path of growth and confidence-building – I am so thankful for these opportunities and the obedience of my husband!
We can already see the fruit of this as he has been offered a leadership position in his tech team ministry at Life for this coming calendar year (Praise God!)
I became a leader in my MomLife group and have learned much from the other leaders on our team about prioritizing and prayerfulness when it comes to ministry.
Together we have had a steep learning curve and sometimes rough journey as we learn when and how to discipline Mylin with love and grace – a parently experience that we are sure will continue to change and evolve.
Mylin has changed in more ways than we ever knew possible – her personality continues to bring us to laughter, surprise, and adoration every day; we didn’t know this kind of love was possible!
We also dealt with the uncertainties during our first trimester of pregnancy with our second child, but together, we all are praising God for His blessing for our family!!!

What did 2011 bring you?!


2 responses to “What did 2011 bring us?

  1. YOU also lost weight this past year! You worked so hard!What an awesome year for you guys. So privileged to be on the journey with you. Love you much!

  2. so many exciting things happened! For me, getting engaged, 6mos later getting married, and moving to London.I wonder what 2012 will hold πŸ˜€ Can't wait to find out ❀

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