Go Irish!

On November 19th we ventured to South Bend for a day of eating, tailgating, laughing, and cheering on the Irish!
Here is a very detailed excel sheet made over many painstaking hours by 3 engineers…
This is only our first course…(followed by the most amazing chili! and lots of yummy desserts and warm apple cidar)
The grill master!
Sweet Roni who got to come at the last minute!!! (and had to get up super early to meet us) 🙂
Josh and Michael were happy and excited about the guy randomly walking around selling cigars

A little pregame ‘football’

While the ladies cleaned everything up!

 And finally -we’re on campus!

 Our seatmates for the WINDIEST game we’ve ever been to! (Complete with windburn by the end!)

 Fun free pompoms
A wonderful day long date with the love of my life 🙂

One response to “Go Irish!

  1. Never done that before. Looks like you had a ton of fun despite the cold!

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