SO….for all of you who watched the finale last week (I just got to watch it tonight!) I am beyond THRILLED that Melanie won!
She was my favorite from the beginning and I can’t wait to see more of her around!

As for the poll…not sure that my advertising skills (or blog following…) is too fantastic since we only had 5 votes and 1 of them was me and 1 was Joel…
That might be due to the fact that a few of my readers (I promise, there are a few of you…) didn’t get my youtube dance posts showing in their blogrolls… (help from anybody on this?!)
Nevertheless…the poll is complete!
Pasha and Sara are the winners!

Thanks for participating, friends 🙂

What can I do differently next time to enhance reader response?!


2 responses to “THE RESULTS!

  1. Hey Rachel! Just wanted to tell you that i LOVE the picture of Mylin with the hat at the top of your blog. She is such a sweetie 🙂

  2. It did eventually show up in my google reader, but days late. I'm not sure why?

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