30 day shred…

While I’m away and we’re waiting for the poll to close on the So You Think You Can Dance dances…I thought I’d update you on something I’ve been doing lately…
Jillian’s 30 day shred.
Yep, I think I’ve alluded to an interest in it before – but didn’t start it until August 4th!
So now I’m in over a week and have bumped it up to Level 2
Its intense, I get sweaty, I alternate between cans of diced pineapple and tomato sauce as weights…
And I am feeling a difference!
I’m so psyched about this
I haven’t noticed weight melting off yet…but I have noticed a difference in my endurance, and my leg and arm strength (come on abs, catch up!)

Have you ever done the 30 day shred?
What is your opinion of it?!

What is an exercise favorite that you could share with us?!


3 responses to “30 day shred…

  1. LOVE the new header photo!I like the 30 day shred – definitely builds strength in arms and legs! And just a great at-home workout!

  2. I once heard something that really stuck with me. Someone said something about doing something is better than nothing so when I'm crazy busy I pull out my 8 minutes in the morning book that focuses on 2 exercises per morning. Since I'm in a transition in life and not sure what my new normal looks like, its what I've been doing. It's better than nothing and helps me to feel good to start off my day.

  3. I am also doing the 30 day shred!! While I can't say I love it, I love my new and trimmer rear end! 🙂 I think I have actually gained weight, but that could be my new, hidden albeit present, muscles! 🙂 I am still doing phase 1, but there are two exercises I am wanting to master before moving on. 🙂

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