King David’s virtues

I have been studying the Word of God with a lovely group of women this summer.
We are using Beth Moore’s study DAVID: Seeking A Heart Like His
There is so much I could share…but what I am so excited to share in this post is about the virtues of David
I only hope that I will be called by God a woman after His own heart.

A virtuous man


Undeniable propensity to worship

A spirit of cooperation

A ray of hope

A literal dedication to God

The wisdom for administration

His loving-kindness

His intiation of the relationship

His complete acceptance

His calming spirit

His delight in restoration

His desire for another son

An active sympathy for the suffering

A fierce protectiveness toward his own

Vengeance toward the enemies of his people and mockers of his mercy

Can you imagine!?
What is so amazing is that God loved this man, sent his Son to die for this man, and wants to live in eternity with him!
And God feels that way and desires this for us as well!!!


For more Beth Moore probs check out her website, and my post nearly 2 years ago about her Esther study


One response to “King David’s virtues

  1. Jeff and I want to study David more in depth with our class and together. We are looking for a study that will allow us both to study the same thing since Beth Moore's is soley fof women to study. I couldn't remember if you were studying David or Daniel. I also think Joseph would be a great story to dive into. So many people to learn from in scripture. Just love the OT!!

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