apart for the week :(

Joel leaves for Oklahoma tomorrow afternoon for 3 days of work
Big sad face 😦
We watched Marley & Me tonight before heading up to bed – um……..so now I’m sad because of the movie AND because he’s leaving!
Another big sad face 😦

I usually try to schedule playdates and activities to keep us (Mylin, Eme, and myself) busy and un-lonely during Joel’s trips
This week I have a full day of work, a playdate, visiting with my friend’s mom, bible study, pigging out with my babysitter and watching So You Think You Can Dance (have you guys seen this yet?! Joel and I stumbled across an episode in season 2 and have been hooked ever since!), and maybe a trip to Troyers – sounds pretty full, right?!
I may not add anything else to my schedule – but am ALWAYS looking for ideas since he travels 5-8 times a year!

What are your go-to’s when hubby is away from home?! (or you’re away from hubby?!)
A good book? Chick flicks? Girlfriend dates? Ice cream and cookies?
Please share your ideas!


One response to “apart for the week :(

  1. Sad! I read books, watch silly stupid movies, go wander Target, go for walks, try to plan at least one friend or sister night!

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