I did it!!!

In August of 2008, 3 months after becoming Mrs. Draper, I thought there was something more I needed to do in order for God to use me in all the ways He desired.  After 1 seemingly quick decision (I began grad school 3 weeks after this thought!), 8 semesters of courses, 2 carpool buddies, hundreds of hours of class, more books purchased than I want to think about, lots of tears shed over self-realization and watching self-realization and God’s work being done in others, 2 1/2 semesters of being pregnant, missing my first class ever because I was in labor(!), 2 internships with local ministries, endless late nights finishing papers and procrastinating by emailing and texting my classmates who were also up late finishing at the last minute, being taught by the most Godly man I am privileged to know, and making the best friends of my life…I GRADUATED!!!!  Please now refer to me as Rachel Draper, M.A. 🙂
I couldn’t have done it without my family’s support, friend’s encouragement and understanding of not getting to hang out or not getting to hang out for very long, my husband’s faithfulness, partnership, (paycheck!), love, and understanding, and most of all, God’s prompting, provision, and plan.

hooding ceremony

Mylin was such a trooper and great girl all day!

Intimate ceremony with just the grad counseling students – our professors talking about our journey and how they have watched us grow.  Inargueably the best and most memorable part of the whole day

And Joel even caught me receiving my diploma on the big screen!

5 responses to “I did it!!!

  1. Rachel, I have loved watching you grow the past 4 years. From a BSU grad (AFH employee), to new wife, then a new mother and now….Rachel Draper M.A.!! You have become such an inspiring women who is seeking God's plan, and I can see his hand guiding you. I look forward to reading the next chapter!

  2. What an accomplishment! Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations, Rache! That is SO exciting 🙂 I know how happy I was to be done! I'll be praying for you as you transition to an entirely new schedule.

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