vote for ABBY’S engagement picture!

My dearest gal Abby is getting married July 1st – hooray!
A litle bit about her…
She and I grew up together become best friends pretty much on the first day of 3rd grade
Cut to 18 years later and we have a lifetime full of sharing sleepovers, tears, lots of laughter, life’s lows and highs, and tons of duets 🙂
She stood up with me at my wedding

And I am thrilled to return the honor this summer!

I have told her for years I knew she would marry a man from a different country
She started out at Purdue studying Russian and traveling there…then she joined a ministry in New Hampshire which led her to a different campus in Vancouver, Canada.  There she met the man of her dreams and God’s provision – Mat Mifsud.  In just a few short weeks they will become one during what I know will be the ceremony of the century in Chicago, IL and then whisk off to a honeymoon in Greece and to live in London while Mat attends school.  Oh, did I tell you he was from Gibraltor?!
SOOOOOO ridiculously romantic, right?!
I know.

Currently they are in an exciting contest with one of their engagement pictures – read more about it and hopefully vote for them HERE


What do you think?

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