Radical Experiment

While traveling to North Carolina last month Joel and I listened to the book, Radical, by David Platt.
The subtitle is: Taking back your faith from the American Dream.
It immediately changed our lives.
Our lives are continuing to be changed and we cannot NOT share this with all of you!

As we attempt to comprehend and move in obedience towards the convictions God has laid on our hearts through this book we want to share our journey.
As we make changes in our family and lives for Christ we will document how and what God is doing to pull ourselves from our lifestyle, thinking, living, routine, jobs, and even family towards His purpose which is greater than everything else (yes, even our family!).
I ask for your accountability that we act on our convictions.
I also ask for your willingness to take the time read (or listen to) this book.
It is well worth your time and effort.

Please respond with how God has changed your life through this book, or in other radical ways!


2 responses to “Radical Experiment

  1. I am excited for these updates! Also, Michael and I are looking forward to reading this book.

  2. So excited you guys listened to this book! Aaron and I read it and led a small group study on it this past year, and it is definitely a life changing book and concept. We have chosen to try to become un-addicted to the comforts of the American Dream and instead do whatever we can in this short lifetime to bring God glory and spread His word. That will look different for everyone, but for us, it means selling everything and moving to an unreached tribe to share His word. It's hard to describe the joy we feel in this decision! He is so worthy.Jill

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