april fast

Earlier this month I was debating what to fast from…
We decided on doing a simple grocery fast
For us, this means that for the month of April we will only buy milk, eggs, and produce from the grocery and replace only staples (flour, p.b., bread products, crackers, toilet paper) if necessary

This fast is two-fold:
1. It will save us money because I am a crazy impulse shopping at the grocery – I binge on cookies.
2. It will help us use our immense stock of frozen food and random pantry items that accumulate from my trips to Troyers (local Amish grocery) that have different products for cheap each time I visit

I am sad about this fast because:
1. It will be a sacrifice for me not to buy oreos and nutella.
2. I love knowing I have a stock of lots of frozen food and canned goods because I do not do well on strict menu plan.  I will not make baked fish for dinner even if I have planned for it if I come home from school and do not have an appetite for fish.

We’ll see how this goes!!!


One response to “april fast

  1. Jeff and I looked at our budget to see how we could pay off the remaining mortgage in 5 years. This means I need to get stricter on our budget. It's easy to get lazy and let the extra fill in the areas of over spending. Instead we want to only spend $$ intentionally on budgeted expenses and quit impulse spending. That means I want to stretch our grocery budget for the next 3 weeks and get more creative with what I already have in stock. We'll need to swap easy recipes!

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