purity in the home

A few months ago we were challenged in our MomLife group to live our lives with purity in our home
My disclaimer: this looks differently for every family…

We were challenged with many different things to consider in order to guard our children against sin and sinful influence and raise them up for Christ
Education: this particular mom has been convicted to homeschool so she can teach and train her children in not only a Godly environment but with Christian material
Social activities: who are we letting mold our children – coaches/teachers/instructors that we do not even know…or know if we agree with their values and how they will influence our children?
Media influence: if we would not allow people to act in our living room in the way they behave with one another on our t.v. screen, then why are we allowing them to essentially be in our living room?!
Friendships: we were challenged to not let our children spend the night with friends and limit family that they spend the night with. This challenge took us all by surprise, but made more sense the more she spoke about it. What did you do when you spent the night with friends when you were young? Was it edifying to Christ? I know my activities weren’t: it was the first time I was introduced to pornographic material, having internet conversations/chats with complete strangers, sneaking out to see/be with boys or sneaking them in, watching movies that were frightening and continue to haunt me…

While some of this thinking may seem radical – I am convicted with the thought that God gave Mylin to us to raise. Her wellbeing, education, and safety are our responsibility. At all costs, I will protect her.
I know I cannot control her life or our world, but I can make changes and commitments to myself and our family that will protect her in every way I know how.
She challenged us overall to find other families that are like-minded so that we do not go on this journey alone – and so that our children do not go on this journey alone…that they aren’t the only ‘weird’ ones that don’t get to spend the night with friends!

In what ways do you protect your family and their purity?
Please teach us!!!


4 responses to “purity in the home

  1. Rachel, I have a post scheduled regarding the same topic! 🙂 I love how like minded we can be. I admire your conviction and willingness to implement purity in your home. While this will be an on on going battle, Mylin's life will be forever impacted. I would love to hear more about changes you have made to begin this process.

  2. Rachel–I love your thoughts here. Mine are very much the same. We too have been convicted to homeschool Ivy and any other children we have. We are also going to try to not let her watch any tv, videos, etc. And I have never thought too much about the spending the night at friends houses thing, but I totally agree with you…not usually an edifying environment. We are so excited to teach Ivy about God in EVERYTHING–math, science, history, language…everything! :)Jill

  3. Last winter I took the boys to see a Disney movie and we had a great time. Loved the action and drama. Last night we got it from netflix to watch as a family. It was so strange. As this movie was playing in our home I was very uncomfortable. This morning I asked Jeff to please return it in the mail because I didn't want the boys watching it again. His response, "Yeah, it had a lot of occult in it." It was what I was thinking too. In addition I heard the boys say they wanted to marry the princess. I immediately realized that even animated movies that everyone loves can bring impurity into a home. I want to be more careful about this.

  4. Great post! Art and I would want to homeschool, especially after watching creation videos (drdino.com)!! I had heard that quip about media too, very true. Sleep overs!! I was always the one who wanted to go to sleep early but was afraid of having tricks played on me! O! And I hated truth or dare!! lol

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