march media fast review

soooo…remember how in february we did a fast food fast?
March was the Draper’s month for a media fast
This is the review!

Week 1 of the media fast was reviewed in a brief blog…but was very difficult for me with my husband out of the country on business and me wanting some ‘company’ while home alone with Mylin
For the most part we stuck to it the rest of the month
No t.v. shows during the day or evening
We watched a few Netflix movies (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Pride & Prejudice, The Fighter, A Mighty Wind) and a few Netflix online episodes of Intervention and 30 Rock
This last weekend while we were in N.C. for a wedding, we had unlimited access to Dish/Satellite/Cable t.v. – it was so interesting to me because even though I had all those channels, I couldn’t find anything to watch! I settled for Cake Boss while Joel and Mylin napped one day, and Jersey Girl before the wedding while Joel was doing pictures and Mylin was napping – not much to do in a small hotel room with a small baby to take care of!

I’m pretty pleased with the outcome of that month’s challenge and am looking forward to April’s challenge.
While I loved being more intentional about not having the t.v. on while Mylin was awake, I am looking forward to a few episodes of Oprah and Ellen this spring 🙂

We are pretty sure we are going to do some sort of food challenge in April, whether it be the Daniel diet, or having a grocery spending freeze
Joel suggested a no sugar month (the original challenge from my brother and his wife) or a no dessert month…
My response? “I don’t want to challenge myself with something that I KNOW I’ll fail”
Maybe that’s a key to something that I really do need to fast from!!!

What challenges have you done lately with your family?
What challenged do you have to suggest for our family in upcoming months?


3 responses to “march media fast review

  1. I am so proud! Beginning tomorrow, I am beginning a yeast/sugar/starch free diet. The diet is structured much like the Daniel diet, but I am including dairy, meat, and coffee. (Why: I am an anemic, nursing, coffee loving mama). I am doing it for health reasons, so it is more of a necessity than a desire to. I am actually going to post this week. 🙂 Michael and I have also done the "no spend" month on groceries in the past. For one month we buy only milk and minimal produce. It has never worked like we have hoped… but plan on implementing (and perfecting) it about 3 times a year. Keep us updated.

  2. that is what we're going to do!i'll try to post that next weeki can't wait to hear about your diet idea! breastfeeding is what kept me from choosing that option this month…glad you are finding a way to still implement most of it!

  3. I've never heard of a "no spending" month! Interesting…sure would let you use up what you have! That would be good! I guess it's not really a "challenge" but we are ONLY buying the necessities of what we use – food wise – this month. I went through our freezer and wrote down what I can make and made the grocery list after that…necessity is the mother of invention…or inventiVENESS! 😀 I love reading about your "challenges"!!

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