North Carolina ‘vacation’!!!

Last week/weekend we traveled to North Carolina for our friend, Brandon Brown’s wedding. Joel was honored to stand up with him along with several of our friends. This meant a big roadtrip with friends and 3 nights in a hotel with friends! Kind of like college minus the community bathroom and ability to stay up late – plus the addition of tiny babies and responsibility πŸ™‚ seriously – aren’t those toes the cutest?!?! And who smiles for the camera on command?! MY BABY GIRL!!!Little Miss was absolutely adorable most of the weekend and most of the ride to and fro. She has a new love for books – especially this one called God’s Creation – it was easy to turn pages for 9 month old chubby fingers!
We all struggled with sickness over the weekend 😦 but were happy to all be together for comfort!


3 responses to “North Carolina ‘vacation’!!!

  1. Oh my goodness, that first picture is AMAZING!!!

  2. such great pictures… I love the last one! And about the winter motif…I am waiting for April πŸ™‚ March is still a "winter month" to me πŸ™‚

  3. Have to agree that pic #1 is GREAT! Can't wait to hear more about this trip in person!!

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