february fast food fast update/march media fast explanation

Remember our February fast food fast?!
Well here’s how it went:
We had 2 dates where we ate out, Red Lobster Valentine’s Day, and local TW Fable (farm to table, seasonal menu: EXCELLENT!)
We had one surprise Tyeger’s Valentines pizza
Joel ate out at Hardee’s with a co-worker who was transferring jobs and at the Oyster Bar to celebrate a new co-worker joining the team
I get together with my classmates monthly to eat out and for some ‘group therapy’
And I think that’s it…

So it seems like a lot, but some things were so random and not worth avoiding for our ‘fast’ because of the relational value
However, at the end of the month I really have no desire to eat fast food at all (excluding pizza – I could eat pizza every day.)

So this month?
Another alliteration fast: No Media March
This will be a little bit silly too because of March Madness beginning and Joel loving it 🙂
Basically, we will not watch any t.v. in the evenings while Mylin is awake
Joel and I will watch only movies together, if time permits
When we are alone (the other is busy at church or out of the house) we can watch our own stuff (Joel – 30 Rock or Chuck, me – intervention on Netflix online) if the housework is done for the day…
I am also going to attempt to stop watching Oprah on my days home (gulp!)

We still need to iron out the March Madness parameters, but Joel is so amazing and family oriented that I know we’ll be able to decide appropriate boundaries for our family and allowing him to have this one time a year fun!

What have you recently challenged yourself or your family with?


3 responses to “february fast food fast update/march media fast explanation

  1. You could eat pizza every day? You must be related to Adam.What have I challenged myself with? Going to bed by 10:00pm every night.

  2. Rachel, great job! If you want to continue eating healthier, hop on board with me. I'm ready to get some junk food out of my house! Not sure how this will go or what I will do but it's on my heart. I also think you won't even miss TV. Our TV viewing is so much more intentional and it feels great! We started watching the Planet Earth series with the kids. What a great way to spend media time than the mindless other stuff we were viewing. The kids are learning, we are learning and its great family time! Thanks for the suggestion! Can't wait to hear how this goes for you.

  3. O yes! How similar our goals are!! We actually got rid of our tv (still have the little one in our bedroom), game systems, and most of our movies (some you have to keep!). Are cancelling Netflix March 17th!! The problem: We liked it WAY TOO much!! …at least we plan on cancelling it… 😀 1 week to go and we just discovered Bizarre Foods was on Netflix!!

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