Mylin’s ‘going to sleep’ schedule

Remember how I said I was going to get Mylin on a nap schedule?
Cut to us not sleeping through the night anymore and revamp the goal to getting her back on a nighttime sleeping schedule
After some encouragement, compassion, and loving challenge, Joel and I decided to the popular/sometimes unpopular Babywise approach

Nights prior to our trial:
7:00 pm nurse and go to bed, swaddled
12:00 am wake up screaming, try to soothe, end up nursing back to sleep
3:00 am repeat 12:00 am routine…….
7:00 am wake up, nurse, coax back to bed
9:00 am everybody wakes up and starts their day
Then a possible 3 30 min naps throughout the day

Here is how our trial went:

Night 1
7:30 pm nurse, swaddled, left in room awake
10:30 pm wake up screaming, diaper change, back to bed screaming covered with a blanket. every 5-8 minutes someone goes in to soothe
11:00 pm SILENCE AND SLEEPING! (I was so giddy I couldn’t fall asleep then!)
3:15 am wake up crying, diaper change and back to bed, not screaming this time!
3:25 am silence!
7:00 am Mylin is up and happy for her day, lasting 12 hours without eating!
4 30 min naps throughout the day

Night 2
7:30 pm nurse and bed with just a blanket
12:15 am wake up crying, soothed once
12:30 am sleeping!
7:30 am up for day!
3 30 min naps throughout day

Night 3
7:15 pm bottle and bed (wide awake!) with blanket
9:15 pm wake up crying off and on, soothed twice by mom and dad
9:45 pm finally silence
7:30 am awake for day!

Night 4
7:15 pm nurse and bed with blanket
9:20 pm wake up crying, soothed
9:22 pm asleep
8:45 am up for the day!

Ok, so I scheduled this to post before I finished keeping track of our trial!
Here we are, 1 week later and little miss is sleeping 13 hours a night, occassionally waking up crying, Joel or I go in there to smooch on her and rub her belly and shortly after she is silently sleeping again

Thank you to Amy, who got my butt in gear to get my baby in gear and restore some of my life!


4 responses to “Mylin’s ‘going to sleep’ schedule

  1. Like your new "look"! Hooray for Mylin!! That's amazing!

  2. Good for you! She is old enough that she doesn't need to eat anymore, its just a comfort thing at this age. You will be grateful to get her back on a schedule where she sleeps well throughout the night. It will serve you well in years to come!

  3. Rachel! That is great! I'm so proud of you 🙂 I am IN LOVE with babywise :)Jill

  4. Yes for Mylin!!!We are mostly sleeping now until 5:30. I'll take it!

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