Christmas break goals review

Remember my Christmas break goals?
This is how they’ve gone:
1. Four appointments later – I have recovered from my root canal 🙂
2. We have rearranged 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, 2 closets and 1 entrance room – they are not complete, but much much better…the office is piles of stuff that we don’t know what to do with/where to store. Overall I am so grateful for going through and ‘purging’ so many things we don’t need or can give to someone/somewhere else (p.s. I am in love with organizing, so this wasn’t really a chore to me but something fun!)
3. I didn’t even touch our address book (this was totally my goal for LAST Christmas break too…whoops!)
4. I went above and beyond my reading goal!
5. We abandoned the day sleeping goal and focused on her night goal – post coming soon

I am so grateful for my 3 weeks of ‘vacation’ from school and internship responsibilities
I got some things done that I wanted to and also had lots of sleeping in and relaxing
I feel refreshed and ready to tackle my last semester!

What do you think?

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