Mylin’s 1st Christmas! (in pictures)

First Christmas present on our ‘Christmas Eve’ from Grandma Karen – a gingerbread book! (kind of creepy overall, about baking and eating gingerbread babies and people….)

Our first ‘Christmas morning’ together!!! (out of all those presents, the 2 in front are the only ones for Mylin – the rest are for our extended family exchanges!)

Mylin with her gifts and stocking stuffers (and random Christmas stuffed animals from my own childhood)

Notre Dame chairs for the Draper babies! From Bushie and Jodgie

Mylin and Jace each got a rider/walker from Great Bushie and Great Jodgie – at such a young age they are so willing to share 🙂

Traditional Merkle Christmas morning picture – all the kids on the fireplace. Another tradition, one of them is wailing – this year, the winner is Andre! (from left to right, Cosi, Luke, Ethan holding Mylin, Glenn, Maddie, Hudson holding Andre)

Grandma Karen’s homemade stocking for Mylin, a gingergirl!

What a blessed Christmas season for us!

One response to “Mylin’s 1st Christmas! (in pictures)

  1. Awww, such cute pictures! Ethan is laughing and making silly comments. "All that I want is to chew, chew, chew on my stocking!"

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