i have a toothache so severe it required an ’emergency’ dentist appt. early tuesday afternoon…oops.
i have to have some type of surgery on it (root canal or complete removal), to be determined early next week…oops
it ran so late that by the time i was able to leave to make it to my class it wasn’t worth my time in driving (first class i ever missed in 2 1/2 years of grad school!)…oops
i went to the grocery instead and nursed my sore tooth with impulse dessert buying (sweet moments chocolate/caramel cake finger food things, chex mix new holiday cocoa mix, mud slide ice cream, and oreos and pudding for my most recent dessert addiction)…BIG oops.
(nevermind that i’m enjoying some of these as i write this post!
and lastly, tonight when i got home i sneezed so loud and hard that i woke my precious baby from a nap and caused a freak crying fit from her…oopsies.

how’d your day turn out?!


One response to “oops…

  1. o Rachel you make me laugh! Yea, sometimes we too make a Big Oops of going to the store for some impulse dessert buying and then buy everything(i.e. chocolate! 🙂 Hopefully today is better for you! 😀 You can't have 2 off days in a row…can you? lol(ps Art just had 2 cavities filled and a crown prep… it must be in the air!)

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