bottles, 2 week birthday, and weight loss goal

Miss Mylin had her first bottle last night! As you can tell by the pictures, Daddy was loving it!
He said the first time he gave her the bottle her eyes were closed and she latched on right away…but the second time he put it in her mouth her eyes were open and she didn’t take it right away, but just furrowed her brow and stared at him…like ‘hey, this isn’t what i think it is and you’re not my mom…’

Today is Miss Mylin’s 2 week birthday! I can hardly believe that 🙂 To celebrate the occasion I accidentely dressed us alike – which I’m afraid I may become too fond of… (she didn’t want her picture taken…)

Lastly, with 2 weeks post baby under my belt I’ve gone from 35 extra lbs of baby to 10 lbs left to go before pre-baby weight! I hope to hit this goal by my birthday at the end of September…
Then my next goal will be to lose an additional 8 lbs that will take me back to my wedding weight! I’m hoping to reach this one by Christmas
Joel is also hoping to lose 10ish lbs to get down to his pre-baby weight of last summer as well 🙂

What do you think?

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