one week old!

Today was Mylin’s one week check-up!
To begin this day, I somehow managed to change the time on my clock while I was trying to set an alarm – I moved the time up one hour, so when I arose at ‘6:00’ and the sun wasn’t coming up, I still got in the shower and begin to get ready only to notice that the bathroom clock read 5:30…tears were shed, anger was felt, but I got ready anyway and had a lot of extra time to pick up the house, let my two beloveds sleep, and paint my toes!!! (yay for independence again!)

Next, as we are getting off the interstate to find our Pediatricians office, I realize that we forgot the diaper bag. This is our FIRST trip anywhere and we forget the thing I have packed, repacked, and organized this very morning?!?! COME ON!

Lastly, as Joel left after lunch for his half day at work, our pup trots out of the kitchen, into the living room and pukes all over the floor…something she has not done in months! Nice Eme…my hormones that are still producing a heightened sense of smell really appreciated that treat.

Anyways, below are pictures from the day to help me remember that these memories are funny, and while I may have cried about them today, I’ll laugh about them in the future!

Don’t you just love newborns cute booty’s that stick out?! Trying to capture a moment with Mylin’s face to see if she looks like me like we think she does?!

Peaceful in her bouncer dreaming of daddy to come home!


2 responses to “one week old!

  1. Things like that are so aggravating! 🙂 But I'm sure you will laugh later… :)What a beautiful family!

  2. That is really funny because for whatever reason children change the way our mind works. We forget things that we never forgot before. You'll get used to it because there are many more laughs to come!! It doesn't get much better. The other day the boys were swimming at Jeff's parents house. I pack everything but leave the life jackets at home (the one thing I'm very strict on!). Can't wait to see you Thursday!!

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