She’s here!

We had such an exciting week last week as we went into labor at our doctor’s appointment and became parents about a week earlier than expected!
After 24 hours of labor our beautiful daughter was born via c-section!

Mylin Hadassah, 7lbs 8oz, 19 inches long born Friday June 25th at 2:03 pmShe’s gorgeous, sweet and perfect

She doesn’t cry much, but when she does it sounds like a little bird (or a squirrel…) which makes it even more cute!
We are so in love and feeling totally blissful
Thank you God for this amazing gift!

3 responses to “She’s here!

  1. She DOES sound like a bird! A perfect little birdie.

  2. How Awesome!!! I love her sweet chubby cheeks! Cant wait to meet her. Miss you! Kyna

  3. Couldn't be happier for you!

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