VICTORY! (at a slight cost…)

I mowed today!!!
Tomorrow I will be 38 weeks pregnant and today I rocked my huge belly by using our self-propelled push mower for an hour
This victory was not without cost:
1. I had to have my mom come over to tie my shoes before I could begin…
2. Even though its only 83ish out – the temperature + 30 pounds of baby heater = a heat index of 171 for my preggo body… 🙂
3. I was a sweaty mess when I was finished!

Last week when I was so empowered with mowing at 37 weeks pregnant I took my husband and sister-in-law to lunch to celebrate myself
This week I will celebrate by reading and napping on the couch all afternoon (maybe homework if I feel motivated…) before heading to Chesterfield to watch our nephew play t-ball tonight!


3 responses to “VICTORY! (at a slight cost…)

  1. Congrats! But…are you sure you should be doing that? 😉 lol! (j/k)Way to get some exercise 🙂

  2. I LOVE that Karen had to come tie your shoes!!!

  3. Rachel, you are too funny!! I'm sure that if I were cooking a baby inside that I would forgo the "goal of summer"!!And yes, my thought was 'Yea buying sheets!' But his sister -Rachel later then gave us 1 set and the 2 sets that my mom bought for us for our full actually fit it! And Rachel says she may have more! So…:( no need for new sheets… 🙂

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