showered and celebrated

This past Saturday I was so blessed to have a baby shower thrown for Joel, baby Draper, and myself! (granted, it was really all about the baby…I didn’t really get anything to use that doesn’t involve that new little bundle!)

Kim headed this all up (she’s amazing!) with Brittany’s help (she’s amazing too!)

My mother-in-law made a great cake to go along with our polka-dot theme

Baby Draper got to celebrate with Grandma Karen, Grandma Kari, and Great-Grandma Phyllis

Also Aunt Leslie (with baby draper’s cousin in there!) and Aunt Roni too

And all the Merkle aunts, Jayna, Dawn, and Jill

Lastly, George and Karen’s family of almost 18!!!

We are so blessed!!!

3 responses to “showered and celebrated

  1. Looks like a wonderful baby shower! You look adorable, Rachel, and I'm lovin' your bump! What great friends and family, you are truly blessed. :)-Ann Marie

  2. I think it is funny that, other than the adults, Andre is the only one who seems focused on the camera. Kids rule!

  3. The other thing to notice is that all the little boys are on the couch while the two girls are on the "upper tier" with us cool people…might that predict that you will have a boy since you are sitting on the lower level??? Watch out, Blue Ox!!!

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