"goodnight, i love you, merry christmas"

this is the silly phrase joel and i have been hearing around our house the past week while we’ve been caring for our 2 year old niece, cosi.
she’s in the bluffton-care for an undetermined amount of time due to becoming a big sister in the near future!
adam and jill are expecting #4 and we’re enjoying caring for their littlest tot while they spend some quality time home together preparing for the new baby

in the meantime – joel and i are getting much needed practice with bedtime stories, messy faces, cuddling, eskimo kisses, and giggles!
(p.s. cosi is totally head over heels for uncle joel – when he’s home, it’s like i don’t even exist!)

in other baby-related news – surprise! my appetite has come back!
while i’m still trying to eat healthy and in moderation, tonight i had a sloppy joe, corn, and sunchips for supper followed by a homemade chocolate milkshake and smore pop-tart for dessert……….yeah. wow.

anyone else have any funny food stories from their pregnancies?!?!

2 responses to “"goodnight, i love you, merry christmas"

  1. How sweet is that phrase! 🙂 Glad you're getting your appetite back! No funny food stories, but I used to crave rice – even rice krispies! I couldn't get enough! This time around, I definitely have a sweet tooth.

  2. Today was the best. When leaving to go back to work after lunch Cosi said, "Bye. Be good. Merry Christmas…Bye Honey." Pretty awesome.

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