needing a day of rest

today i started running a support group for ladies at the alternative school. i am doing this for a school project and have had several hoops to jump through in the last 4 months. so today it finally begins…..and i wake up with a led head and feeling sickness coming on. nice. i drag myself to bible study this morning (because i love it, i hate missing things i love, and every week beth moore blows me away by her style of clothes and i did NOT want to miss that…not to mention the most important part – that i am in love with encountering God in this amazing group of women and having that as an outlet and a learning experience each week).
so joel does so medication research online and i head to the drug store right after to try to kill this cold in its tracks. i think i’m allergic to pseudophedrine…so i have to find something that doesn’t have that or any of its close comrades in it…i settle for not knowing what to get, getting scared to try anything (i’m a medication whimp) and settle for getting airborne – which i hear many people swear by…so that’s what i’m trying.
airborne + couch + 3 blankets + tea/decaf coffee + reading + 1 white fluffy puppy + new episodes of grey’s anatomy and the office + a thoughtful, serving husband = relief (right?!)
that’s my expectation of today/tonight.
anyways, back to my story. so i go to the alternative school (even though i want to call it off cause i’m scared and don’t know what to expect and want these girls to like me and open up!) ant it goes soo well!!! they seemed comfortable, they laughed at my poor attempt at jokes, and they left smiling (the teachers said that was a great sign!). so i’m looking forward to developing this program for them and trying to meet their needs and show them Christ’s love and healing.

so i have a day and a half to kick this sickness before heading to bronson, mi for joel’s grandparent’s 50th anniversary on saturday! (proud to have that heritage in our family) and then loving option’s carnival at new hope lutheran church on sunday (come and support us!!!)
it will be a full and happy weekend – ended by one of the glory’s of being a student again – FALL BREAK on monday and tuesday – yay!


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