i haven’t written for a week! i haven’t felt like i have anything to say or contribute…which is why i decided to write about motivation
i have been struggling for the last year with staying motivated…keeping up on homework and projects for graduate school, running consistantly, getting up early, wanting (as opposed to having) to do my work for the crucible – a 2 year discipleship class at church, eating breakfast every morning, trying to eat healthy in general, reading for leisure every day, staying on top of my tasks at work…(i suddenly notice all of these ‘motivation’ issues revolve around me…am i selfish?!)
i KNOW that when i get up early, go for a run or walk, and eat a healthy breakfast my day will just naturally go better!
when i am on top or ahead in my school work – classes and reading for school is more enjoyable!
having the desire in my heart to learn about and grow closer to God brings internal and external joy
i have soooo many books on my ‘to-read’ list and i want to know why everyone loves them so much! – but its easy for me to cut that out of my day…

ugh. am i depressing you!?
that is not my intention…writing all this out is another reminder for me to do it!
(i did get up early today. didn’t run, ate a healthy breakfast, am babysitting for a friend’s almost 3 year old and intend on doing a lot of homework and leisure reading today…so far i feel pretty good – i just hope it continues!)

any additional suggestions or encouragement is most welcome 🙂


What do you think?

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