my mom said i’m a quarter of a century…

so…i’m 25.
the drivers licence update was, of course, a silly process – i tried to do the closed mouth smile, got confused about when the picture was going to be taken and now have a half-smile/smirk expression that is stupid. yay – can’t wait until 31 to update that picture!

also – i had a swarm of fruit flies in my car (for about a month) due to a 2-3 month old banana peel in my car trash. it was nasty and finally threw it out – the fruit flies magically have disappeared

back to birthday. joel is so amazing…there are many reasons, i won’t list them all, but i love him! he made the day so special and focused on me – it was paradise! (he does this normally anyways, but because i was in the majestic birthday mood – he gets extra points!) guess what he got me?! GET READY FOR A PARTY LADIES – a kareoke set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need two back up singers please. i can’t wait to try it out tonight! (hopefully, i get home from class around 9:15)
we also went to see ‘love happens’ – i won’t spoil it – but will give a review: it is not so much of a romantic comedy as it leads on – joel and i were the 2 out of 10 people in the theater not weeping through the last third of the movie…as a therapist and a caring/loving person, i recommend it! probably not a date movie…but maybe, depends on what your date is like or likes…

the weather is crazy here today! our front door keeps blowing open from the wind!


3 responses to “my mom said i’m a quarter of a century…

  1. 1) GROSS about the banana peel. Seriously.2) Am I your blog's biggest fan because I always leave a comment?3) License picture rules are dumb. Now every girl looks like a bitch and every guy looks like a killer. So great how they did that…4) HA! I love it! You're going to have SO much fun with that!!5) Isn't the weather amazing???

  2. You HAVE to post the license picture now that you've got our curiousity up.

  3. ha:) i'm so glad you have a ridiculous license too!

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