i’m sure every blogger has this topic at some time or another… i know you guys know me – but maybe you’ll learn something new!
these are my favorites today:
1. rainy days – i have loved these forever…i am especially loving this rainy week – for whatever reason they make me feel so cozy and loving and secure
2. the mark of the lion series by francine rivers – these books taught me a lot about how to be a woman after God’s own heart – if you haven’t read them, it is well worth your time 🙂
3. playing settlers of catan online – i have recently been addicted to this and previously played it every single day for a few weeks…the site i played on recently went down and my brothers are trying to get me to play on this dutch site…its hard. i have to put everything into an online translator!
4. moscato and framboise – these special spirits are classy and i enjoy them on special occasions – i hope i have or will share a glass someday with all of the classy ladies that read this 🙂
5. watching intervention on a&e – this show encourages me in my aspiring profession – there are so many people hurting…or should i say we are all hurting in different ways and could all use a dose of ‘i love you’s’ from our families and friends and encouragement to change for the better (if you don’t get a&e, search for intervention online or at your local library!)
6. http://www.pandora.com/ – for a gal who likes music that is on no public radio – this is heaven sent! i am currently really into my hymn station – it literally lowers my blood pressure (and joel named it ‘hymntastic’) i also listen weekly to my grey’s anatomy station…
7. http://www.postsecret.com/ – insert my reasons for liking this from #5
8. nightgowns – i remember loving these from about age 3-7 – but now that i am married and received many from bridal showers, i have a new love for them – they are flattering at any weight (and any time of the month!) and make me feel sexy even when i’m alone!
9. exercising with eme – eme is my own visual accountability partner for exercising, not to mention a bodyguard in wee morning darkness hours and a motivator to keep going! one of the million reasons i am so thankful for her!
10. cuddling – i need this daily – preferably joel…but always with eme and on special occasions any of our six (and counting!) nieces and nephews – also included in cuddling must be whispering and giggling/smiling

what are a few of your favorite things?!


2 responses to “favorites

  1. You are such a good blogger!My favorites (today, right now): when our kitten gets her big, crazy eyes and does really funny things to let us know she wants to play RIGHT NOW. Black beans and browned onions. Oatmeal with yogurt and fruit. Endorphins. My handsome husband.

  2. ok – my husband is SO one of my favorite things…or my favorite thing…that was assumed in my post…

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