its tough being a woman

i am a part of a wonderful group of women. we meet every thursday morning to fellowship together over the word of God. our recent Bible study is a beth moore study of esther. i HIGHLY recommend it! the tag line is ‘it’s tough being a woman’. if you know anything about the story of esther in the book of esther in the Bible, you can understand how this is an appropriate subtitle. i was so moved by today’s session that i wanted to share it.

our topic was ‘mean girls’. i will give you a sentence overview of points she made today and scripture that convicted me. i hope this brings you all insight as well.
it’s tough being a woman in a mean world
meanness always has a history
there is nothing meaner than a coward
meanness perceives a threat
– 2 corinthians 10:12
– identify the threat
insecurity is as the heart of every rivalry
– who is our rival? and why?
– how much energy am i wasting on it?
meanness catches like a a virus
coming in contact with a mean girl raises up your own mean girl
meanness is curable
– romans 12:17-21
you be nice, you do not serve her or bow down to her, you love her

this may be an overwhelming and packed blog/message – i intend to meditate on it and remind myself of these scriptures frequently as i am working through my own issues in life with woman-woman relationships

these video sessions are available for (a NOT free) download at

i thought i would not have anything to share or wouldn’t know what to share…but i’m already keeping a list of future posts…telling about our sweet pup Eme, describing our families, advocating for pandora online radio, and so much more…tune in again soon!


One response to “its tough being a woman

  1. I just started a Beth Moore study, too, on my own. I'm only on day 1, but I think it will be good. So glad you're liking blogging. I know you'll have lots to talk about!!

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